New VR Themes for 360° Photos and Videos

Head over to the VR Themes section and take a close look at each of the new themes:

  • VR View 360 Image with Hotspot Navigation: Photo sphere viewer with navigation hotspots.
  • VR View 360 Video with Hotspot Navigation: Video sphere viewer with navigation hotspots.
  • VR View 360 Image Gallery: Photo sphere gallery web page, for 360 mono or 360 stereo images.
  • VR View 360 Video Gallery: Video sphere gallery web page, for 360 mono or 360 stereo videos.

All themes are using the awesome "VR View for the Web" JavaScript API by Google.

IdeaSpaceVR Release v1.0.0

I am very happy to announce the v1.0.0 ("beta") release of IdeaSpaceVR! It took 10 months of development and it finally implements the necessary concepts which are needed to build upon and which I hope makes it more useful to people. After all, my vision is that it should be as easy to publish virtual reality content as publishing text and image content in existing blog / CMS platforms. If my vision becomes true then IdeaSpaceVR would lead to an increase of websites with virtual reality content, as an add-on to an existing website as well as WebVR-only websites.

What's next? I hopefully will get honest feedback on the software which would allow me to improve it. And I will focus on developing new themes: I have got tons of ideas which I can't wait to implement!

You can reach me by sending a message via the contact page or by filing an issue on Github.

Thank you!

Position "hotspots" in spaces in upcoming release 1.0.0

The Theme API will allow developers to define a field type callled "position". When creating a space, this field type allows the user to attach hotspots to a space. The theme can use the hotspots to render navigation portals or to simply show a piece of information.

Release 0.3.2

  • Major improvement of default photo sphere viewer theme.
  • New default photo sphere theme called "Photo Sphere Diver".
  • Fixed some bugs related to space URIs and existing / system URIs.

Release 0.3.1

  • Fixes a critical bug which prevented the installation of IdeaSpace in a sub-directory: eg.
  • The DB_PREFIX parameter in .env is working. It enables to have multiple IdeaSpace installations sharing the same database using different table prefixes.
  • Added a temporary page for Media menu.

Initial Public Release (0.3.0)

  • This is the initial public release of IdeaSpace.
  • The focus of the initial release is on managing equirectangular images and providing a basic photo sphere theme.
  • Uploaded images are resized to fit the "power of two rule" for image sizes and thumbnail images are created for the theme navigation menu.
  • The theme API is kept to a minimum at this release. The only implemented controls are images and text.
  • There are two example themes shipped with this release: a photo sphere viewer and a hello world theme.
  • Published spaces can be embedded on external websites by using the embed code provided on the space edit page. IdeaSpace implements CORS (cross-origin resource sharing) in order to enable loading of assets from a different domain name.
  • The front page features a list of latest published spaces or a single space (configure in "Settings").