How to create and publish a self-hosted virtual 360 photo tour for real estate

This article will focus on how to use IdeaSpaceVR to create and publish a 360 virtual photo tour for real estate agents. You need a website, IdeaSpaceVR should already be installed and you should have a couple of 360 degree photos of one or many of your properties at hand.


Why virtual 360 photo tours?

Any future home owner wants to get a visual impression of the property before visiting it. Plain old rectangular images are nice to get an idea of the place but a virtual tour using 360 degree photos will always be a better option to get a first impression.

By using IdeaSpaceVR on your own server you are not dependent on any software service with recurring monthly fees. With IdeaSpaceVR there is also no limit on the number of virtual tours you want to create, publish and embed in your property listings on your existing website. It is an open source and free software, maintained by passionate people.

Ok, let’s start, you will see, it is easy and fun!


Log in to IdeaSpaceVR

After logging in, navigate to the Themes page.



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