How to create and publish a self-hosted 360 panorama image gallery for desktop, mobile and VR devices


This article covers how to create and publish a 360 panorama image gallery using your self-hosted IdeaSpaceVR platform. All you need is to have a running IdeaSpaceVR installation and a couple of 360 images.


Log in to IdeaSpaceVR

After logging in, navigate to the Themes page.



Find the IdeaSpace 360 Gallery theme and click on Install.

Next, we create a space and select the theme.


Step 1: Add A New Space



We enter a title, a URL and click on  Save Draft .



Step 2: Add First Photo Sphere

We click on  Add Photo Spheres .



Enter a title and click on  Add Photo Sphere . We either upload a new photo or select an existing photo.



We click on  Insert .



Next, click on Set Rotation for Photo Sphere.



We click on Insert , then we scroll to the bottom of the page and click  Save .

Next we add a second photo by clicking on  Add Photo Spheres .


Step 3: Add Another Photo Sphere

We upload or select a photo sphere, enter a title, set the initial rotation and click on  Save .



Continue adding photo spheres. There is no limit to the number of photo spheres per gallery (and you can create as many galleries as you want).


Step 4: Preview and publish your 360 gallery

Let’s preview your gallery by clicking on the Preview button on the right hand side.



If you want to change the order of your photos, simply click and drag the thumbnails and arrange them to your liking.



Next, click on Publish. Now your gallery is published and visible by the public. It can be viewed on desktop, mobile and any VR device.



Step 5: Embedded 360 Gallery

If you want to embed your gallery into your existing website, just copy the embed code on the right hand side and paste it into your website or blog.



Get the IdeaSpace 360 Gallery theme here.

That’s it, enjoy!